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The Soap & The Nope!

Soap or Nope?

Why Men Choose Shaving Soap Over Canned Cream & Gel Products 

Shaving soap has been used for about two-hundred years. Many men still prefer to use shaving soap today! That's for several good reasons. 

Some men like that shaving soap feels more traditional. 

Many men enjoy the fact that shaving soap has been passed down for generations. Because their fathers & grandfathers haves used it they continue the practice. 

Along with the tradition, the extended teachings of using shaving soap could be quite useful if one has a fascination with it.

The experience of using shaving soap, makes shaving time feel like spa time. Men have expressed that they feel satisfied after using the time to wind down. 

Of course, there are men who don't wish to take the time to get a therapeutic shave so they mistakenly go for low-quality shaving products. 

Men who take the time to learn the ways of shaving soap are always more satisfied than men who don't ever give it a try.

Shaving soap creates less pull on stubble and better hydration. Using shaving soap leads to better feeling skin. No more pulling of facial hairs either. This makes a world of difference in the aftershave skin feeling. 

A shaving soap bar, used with a mug or bowl, produces more lather than a gel or aerosol can. This lather removes more grease from the stubble and makes it easier to shave without the pull of hairs. This means little to no irritation.

Choosing shaving soap is when traveling has its added perks. No more TSA worries! Men don't have to remove shaving soap from their bags because only liquids are taken and discarded. If they end up traveling by plane, men with shaving soap don't have to check their shaving kit like men with gels and aerosol will have to do! 

The bars are also not liquid meaning they don't leak. This makes it preferred for travelers on buses, trains and in cars as well.

Shaving soap is also more cost-effective in the long run. When compared to gels and aerosol cans, shaving soaps last much longer and offer much better quality. 

Some men don't want to pay the price for shaving soap and cheap out for gel or an aerosol can. They likely don't know that soaps are comparable in price most of the time. 

Shaving soap lasts a long time, gel or aerosol need to be replaced frequently. 

A huge plus for shaving soap over canned shaving products is that it doesn't harm the environment. With threats of climate change and other natural issues, shaving soap is a better option for the

environmentally-conscious consumer. The cans for gel and aerosol add to the existing environmental issues we are dealing with. Shaving soap disintegrates and is made from mostly natural materials, so it doesn't have a hard effect on the environment. Shaving soap is affordable and is appearing in many stores around the US more frequently.  Mostly it is the same price, if not cheaper than the gel and aerosol cans that are typically bought by men seeking a quality shave. 

Don't think is not convenient to use shaving soap vs canned gels and creams. All that is needed is a mug or bowl and a brush to create a lather. Next apply to face and shave!

In Conclusion

The Soap.....Oh Yes!

The Nope.....Canned Shaving Soaps & Gels

Shaving soap is the best shaving product available to male consumers. It offers better quality and results. It is rooted in tradition and best of all, it's green!



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