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1971 Gillette Super 109 Adjustable Safety Razor + Free Shaving Soap


This is a vintage Gillette Super 109 Adjustable Safety Razor, date code R3, which indicates that it was manufactured in the third quarter (Jul-Sep) of 1971.

The Super 109 Adjustable is an excellent choice for both new and experienced wet shavers alike. If you are new to using an adjustable razor, start with a low number (small blade gap, less blade exposure). Increase one stop at a time until you have found the number that feels good on your face while giving you a good shave. A 5 pack nib of blades has been included to help get you started. As with any new razor purchase, you are best served by trying a variety of blades to find the brand of blade that works best for your skin and beard type when paired with your new razor.

Mechanically in very good condition. The doors open and close smoothly. This is an extremely good condition razor that does not appear to have been used much or at all. There is no plating loss, but some very minor scratches as can be expected in a 47-year-old razor.

It has been thoroughly cleaned and will arrive in shave ready condition.

Included with your purchase of this razor are a complimentary 5 OZ Cooper & French Shaving Soap of your choice and a starter pack of razor blades.

Please indicate your choice of shaving soap at check out. 


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