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1962 Gillette Tech 3 Piece Safety Razor + Free Shaving Soap


This is a beautiful example of a vintage Gillette Tech 3 Piece, date code H2, which indicates that it was manufactured in the second quarter (Apr-Jun) of 1962.

The Gillette Tech was a staple in the Gillette family of razors from 1939 - 1973. A truly classic razor that set the standard for three-piece designs.

The beauty of the three-piece is that there is literally nothing to break or wear out. And it's very easy to clean.

As with any new razor purchase, you are best served by trying a variety of blades to find the brand of blade that works best for your skin and beard type when paired with your new razor.

Physically in very good condition with no plating loss. Scratches are all but non-existent. Not bad for a 56-year-old razor!

It has been thoroughly cleaned and will arrive in shave ready condition.

Included with your purchase of this razor are a complimentary 5 OZ Cooper & French Shaving Soap of your choice and a starter pack of razor blades.

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