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Gillette Old Style Three Piece Safety Razor + Free Shaving Soap

This is a vintage Gillette Old Style Three Piece Safety Razor. This is the exact same model that was issued to American soldiers in World War I.

It's difficult to pin this razor down to an exact year since it is lacking a serial number. Gillette was known to issue this model without a serial number beginning in 1922. The model was discontinued in 1929, which puts this razor's origin smack in the middle of the roaring 20's.

A common flaw seen in this model is the tendency of the original handle to develop a split from over-tightening, making it impossible to properly tighten the head.

This razor has a reproduction handle paired with an original cap and base plate.

The cap and base plate were professionally replated in a factory nickel finish at Razor Emporium in Phoenix, Arizona.

Included with your purchase of this razor are a complimentary 5 OZ Cooper & French Shaving Soap of your choice and a starter pack of razor blades.