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About us

Cooper & French was born when a desire for a close, comfortable shave met an unwillingness to compromise in a “one size fits all” market. 

Minneapolis natives Richard and Stephanie Creger were uncertain what the future held when they started. They knew something special had been created – a traditional shaving soap that ticked all the boxes for wet shavers - and they wanted to share it with the world.

Richard is a proud US Navy veteran with over five years of active duty service on seagoing warships. Stephanie is the sounding board and indispensable inner voice of the company – they are Cooper & French – a company that has become an exceptional element of so many lives.

The art-centric creative hub of the Audubon neighborhood in Northeast Minneapolis is where the Cregers call home. Living in this vibrant community has inspired them to curate their creativity and capability as a small batch soap maker. Cooper & French melds tradition and modern expectations.

More than a century of legacy barbershop straight razor shaving has proven the value of a protective lather. When blade meets skin, you need a robust lather. The undisputed foundations of a great shaving soap are tallow and stearic acid. The secret of Cooper & French’s success is part technical prowess combined with artful creativity. When you combine the above variables, it equates to a radical improvement in how your skin feels when you shave.

Wet shaving is transcendent. If you are uninitiated, such a statement might not seem realistic. But, let’s put it this way: we have never heard of a wet shaver that made the switch and then went back to chemical-heavy shaving products.
Wet shaving is an opportunity for self-care while preparing to meet the day. It’s a nearly lost tradition that is making a comeback because it’s so much better than the alternative.

A great shaving soap combined with warm water, a brush, and some friction can produce an extraordinary experience. Those few moments of lather building are so rewarding when you see what you’ve created. The lather coats your skin in a thick, comfortable layer that softens your whiskers while protecting your skin. Wet shaving with premium tallow-based soap is a game changer!

Once you’ve experienced a superior shaving soap, the gels and chemical-laden formulations from the store shelf feel like an insult in a can. Those typical shaving gels and foams cannot replicate the complex scents and tangible results of a proper wet shave. Premium shaving soap from Cooper & French is a testament to the expert blending of natural ingredients into a soap that any shaver can enjoy daily.

We invite you to explore this enhanced experience. Turn that dreaded morning ritual on its head! An opportunity to relax, escape reality, and spend some time on yourself. You will love the clean shave, smooth skin, and the tantalizing scents you cannot find in a mass-produced product from the neighborhood drugstore chain store.

From the first shave with Cooper & French, it will be clear why we use only the finest ingredients in small batches. An experience like this is what every wet shaver deserves.

We are confident that a shave with us is an experience you won’t regret because the net result is a more comfortable, confident you.