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About us

Cooper & French are Richard & Stephanie Creger, Minneapolis natives, living and working in the art-centric Audubon neighborhood of Northeast Minneapolis.

We are both passionate about vintage and antique items. It was this passion that lead Richard to explore wet shaving with a vintage Gillette double edge safety razor. Of course to do the experience justice a shaving brush and soap were procured. 

After that first full on "old timey" shaving experience, Richard was hooked. Not only did he get a great shave, it was comfortable to boot. A far cry from the usual abuse he got from canned goop and a disposable razor. Ultimately, the protection and glide provided by the shaving soap was the key, turning the chore of shaving into an indulgence.

Within a year, Richard began exploring how to make shaving soap from the raw ingredients. Months of experiments, and dozens of micro batches later, the formula has been perfected.

A natural companion to shaving soap is bath soap. It is our pleasure to create true soap from natural ingredients that is gentle on your skin. 

Cooper & French is a veteran owned business. Richard is a proud US Navy veteran with over 5 years active duty on seagoing warships.