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Leading Man Bundle

Leading Man Bundle

$28.99 $32.98

You don't need a discount code to take advantage of this great price on a shaving soap and aftershave balm bundle!

Included in this bundle: A 5 Ounce Leading Man Shaving Soap & scent matching 4 Ounce Aftershave Balm, a $29.98 value when purchased separately.

A luxurious scent that exudes class. Notes of peppermint and tea blend with apple, unfolding to an enchanting mix of sweet orange blossom and jasmine with intoxicating tonka bean.

When we were evaluating new scents, the first take on this from the Mrs. was immediate and strong. "That's what George Clooney smells like!" she said. When I inquired just how well she knew Mr. Clooney, she amended her statement to say that's what she "thought" George Clooney would smell like.

I think it smells like a man who's large and in charge. He's successful and a natural born leader. Thus, Leading Man was christened.