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Yaqi Synthetic Shaving Brush

Yaqi Synthetic Shaving Brush


A luxuriously soft synthetic that is a pleasure to use. Synthetic knots are easy to load and are a popular option for both new and experienced wet shavers. They do not require soaking prior to use; simply wet thoroughly and begin loading soap in preparation to shave.

The handle is resin and impervious to water damage. 

The 24 mm knot has a 60 mm loft.

Standing 120 mm (4.75 inches) tall overall.

Made in China.

Shaving Brush FAQ's
What do terms like Loft and Knot mean?
The Loft is the height of the fibers above the handle.
The Knot is the bundle of fibers that comprise the brush. The value expressed above refers to the width at the base where it is affixed to the handle.

Why are the measurements expressed in millimeters?
The majority of the world uses metric measurements. There are no commercial manufacturers of shaving brushes in the United States, making a metric expression the default standard for brush sizes. 

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