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Cartridge Razors Have Turned Men Into 98 Pound Weaklings

Do you know why cartridge razors have gel strips?

The answer should be obvious, but in case you missed it; Dragging 3, 4 or 5 blades across your face at the same time is very unkind to your skin. The gel strip is there to provide additional lubrication and sooth your face from the insult you just gave it.

Consider this: Each time a razor blade makes contact with your face, in addition to cutting hair it is exfoliating (removing) a layer of skin cells. Multiply the number of blades times passes and you are begging for a world class case of razor burn.

Adding insult to injury, foam or gel in a can is really not getting the job done. Sure, it smells nice, but it's a mix of chemicals you are smearing on your face. If it was working, razors wouldn't need gel strips.

Next time you're hanging out with your friends, take an informal poll: “How many of us have sensitive skin?”

Most of them will say they do. It's simply not true. The reason they think they have sensitive skin is because they are using a multi-blade razor that is hurting their face. Millions of dollars in advertising has convinced men that they need the latest and greatest multi-blade, swiveling, vibrating gizmo to remove facial hair.

It's not that complicated! It never was!

Replacing your can of chemicals, with a great shaving soap is a solid first step to a better shave. Keep your multi-blade gizmo if you like. You will notice an immediate improvement. Your shave will be smoother and bonus: No razor burn!

That's a bold statement to be sure, but it's true. If you whip up a creamy lather from shaving soap, apply it generously to your face and refrain from making multiple passes of the same area without reapplying, you really shouldn't have razor burn.


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  • Leif on

    The other problem with any cartridge razor that has more than two blades is you can’t see what you’re doing in difficult spots around your mouth and under your nose. Four or five blades and you might as well be shaving with a spatula.

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