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Benediction Bundle

Benediction Bundle

$28.99 $32.98

You don't need a discount code to take advantage of this great price on a shaving soap and aftershave balm bundle!

This bundle includes a 5 Ounce Benediction Shaving Soap & scent matching 4 Ounce Aftershave Balm, a $32.98 value when purchased separately.

You know how irritated your skin feels after getting chewed up by a disposable razor and a dollop of corporately chemical shaving cream-in-a-can?

It’s the universe’s way to tell you your shave essentials need an upgrade. Because if you’re working with low-grade materials, you’re not getting the shave you deserve.

Benediction is all about premium slickness and superior lather. Living up to its name and then some, it goes beyond “well-wishing” and effortlessly makes your skin feel renewed and healthy, giving you a closer, smoother shave and a clean experience from start to finish. Can commercial shaving supplies do that?